Issues Related to Recharges

Please check that you are selecting the appropriate valid amount for the respective operator. If number is ported, make sure that you select circle/operator manually.

Recharges also fail due to issues/load at the operator’s end. We suggest that you wait for some time and retry later

If the recharge fails and amount is deducted, Mobokash refunds the entire amount of failed recharge back to your Mobokash Wallet within 48 hrs. If you have not paid through Mobokash wallet and it has been more than 48 hours since recharge failure, the bank will refund the amount within 3-10 working days in your bank account/card.
If you see the Status as Pending/Processing then you are allowed to cancel a transaction after 2 hrs from the last transaction’s attempt time.
If the recharge status shows ‘Pending’ then it might take 2 hrs for recharge to show as ‘Successful’. Please understand ‘Pending’ means Pending at operator’s end. We advise you not to initiate a 2nd transaction in this case.
Status shows success but bill payment/recharge not received The bill payment takes 3 days to be updated at the operator’s end.In case of Recharge, please verify the plan whether you have received a special recharge benefit or not. If not, then please write to us at [email protected]
Kindly confirm the benefit by referring to recharge plan for respective operator and circle. In case of incorrect benefit(s), please get in touch with the operator
Please contact your Operator for further help with reverse recharge.

Issues Related to Shopping

Due to increase in logistics costs, the Seller is levying a nominal shipping fee of Rs. 49 for products under Rs. 1499 & Rs. 99 for Products above Rs. 1500 on certain categories of products. The display/descriptions of all such products where shipping fees is applicable would clearly mention the same. However, in all such cases, we will be giving a Gift Voucher of Rs. 100 which you can use and redeem against your future purchases. This way, effectively, you end up paying nothing additional for delivery of your orders.

Based on the product category and value, you may see a difference in the shipping fee applied. However, rest assured, you still get the product on MoboKash at a very good deal.

No, the Turn Around Time (TAT) for the product delivery stays the same. However, the Seller will try to ensure that the product is delivered within the mentioned TAT.
The shipping fee varies between 49 and 99 depending on the product price and category.
No. Incase if there is any issue with the product and the customer wants to exchange the product, there is no shipping fee applicable on the exchange transaction.
Yes. Entire amount including the shipping fee will be refunded at the time of settlement.